No gym. No problem.

All around the world, limitations are in place because of Corona. For many of us this means: no gym access. I’m a bit of a CrossFit junkie and was lucky to have my own home gym in my garden, so initially, this didn’t really affect me too much. Although normally I do also go to a CrossFit box (Bear up CrossFit when I’m in The Netherlands and CrossFit Marbella when I’m in Spain – I highly recommend both of these gyms!!).

But now that I have moved out of my house I am also having to look for different tools and different places to exercise.

Luckily, I have always preferred to train outside and since I travel a lot, I already have some experience in creating Active Moments with limited space and equipment.

What on earth is that girl doing?!”

When I was traveling before though, I did discover that I find it quite difficult when I don’t have my “own” training space. Training in a random spot outside can feel pretty awkward. It reminds me of walking into a normal gym with no idea of how you are supposed to use all of those machines and you feel that all the experienced bodybuilders are looking at you and thinking “What on earth is that girl doing?!”.

That’s why I’m quite happy that I can mostly train in my sisters garden.

As for the type of training that I do.. I’m still doing CrossFit! Back in October when I was first starting vanlife for a couple of months, I discovered the online programming by CrossFit Linchpin. They offer a 5-a-week training program and include a limited equipment option. The programming is excellent and for the limited equipment option you only need 2 dumbbells, a jump rope and a set of rings with a pull-up bar. Apart from the pull-up bar, I can bring all of that stuff easily in my van.

This is the set-up that I brought with me this time.

You don’t need much, to achieve some fitness! Honestly, you probably don’t need any equipment!

In this Corona era there are actually a lot of other online options to do some CrossFit. I have renewed my subscription with Bear Up Crossfit and they have temporarily switched to an excellent home training program for these times as well. So, if you are looking into some home exercise options, you can also check if there is a local CrossFit box that can help you out!

Workout of the Day

Here is one of my workouts from last week.

For time:
– 4 min run
– 12 low ring muscle ups
– 60 shoulder taps
– 12 low ring muscle ups
– 4 min run

So.. yeah.. the shoulder taps are a good example of an exercise that makes me feel funny when people see me doing this in public.

But, I’m trying to not feel awkward and just go for it!

Are you living the vanlife? I’m curious to hear what you do for exercise and if there’s any struggles you have making it work or if you have any tips to make it a bit more easy!

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