A different kind of vanlife

I will be semi-fulltime living in my van, starting today. Which is awkward timing, to say the least, with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting us all worldwide.

So, why vanlife and why now?

Well, I had planned to travel to Spain and because of this I have rented out my house for a while.

Because of the pandemic I obviously can’t travel to Spain. Luckily, here in The Netherlands, even though there are loads of restrictions, we are allowed to go outside at our own responsibility. Which makes it possible for me to experience the “digital nomad” life in my own country. And hopefully I can travel to the South before winter comes around.

I’m not 100% self sufficient and most campings here are closed or not offering services. I will therefore be sleeping at my sisters place most of the times. I will try and see if I can do some “wild camping” and explore my own country.

For now it’s sleep and breakfast at my sisters and during the day I will look up nice and quiet spots to work (office job), relax and enjoy the freedom.

I will share some pictures of my full setup soon, as it’s a huge mess now.. it’s quite difficult to pack your entire belongings into a tiny van and still keep space to live in it too!! 😄

Today I’m enjoying this office setup. Feels like I’m off to a pretty good start! ☀️

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